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Papermerge 3.0

I am very excited to announce the release of Papermerge DMS 3.0.

Comparatively to all previous releases, version 3.0 underwent serious architectural changes. I won't bore reader with all technical details, I will just briefly mention two biggest technical changes:

  • frontend rewritten in TS/React
  • REST API now served with FastAPI

Also, the format of storing files on the disk differs from previous versions - alone this fact makes version 3.0 incompatible with all previous releases.

Here is the list of exciting features that version 3.0 brings:

  • support for jpeg/png/tiff formats is back
  • full text search is now backed up by Solr search engine
  • multiple authentication backends are supported e.g. oauth2.0/OIDC (not documented yet)
  • well documented REST API
  • dual panel mode
  • page management - delete, reorder, rotate, merge, move pages between documents
  • OCR with text overlay (thanks to OCRMyPDF)

Go to 3.0 documentation and play with docker compose setup. Also, for production deployment on remote server there Ansible playbook available as well.