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OIDC Support is Here

Release 3.2 is out!

It adds support for three important:

  1. authorization via granular permissions
  2. oidc authentication
  3. remote user authentication

Authorization via Granular Permissions

Now each user can be assigned a set of permissions (direct or via Groups). This is a way of limiting scopes of actions user can perform. For example you may not want any user to be able to manage groups or view all Papermerge accounts.

OIDC Authentication

OIDC is abbreviation for Auth2.0/OpenID Connect. In previous release we've added support for two specific OIDC provider GitHub and Google. In this release we've came with generalized approach - now you can use any OIDC provider. We've tests OIDC support with Keycloak and Authentik.

Remote User Authentication

We've added yet another way of external authenticating via so called "Remote User" header. Remote user authentication was tested with Authelia.


3.1 Release

The most important part of release 3.1 are the the support of OpenLDAP and OAuth2 (Google and Github providers) authetication.


  • Support of OAuth2 authentication with Google and GitHub providers
  • Support for OpenLDAP (RFC 4510) authentication
  • Support for node's custom IDs Issue#325
  • Exclude document from OCR Issue#598


  • Getting '500 - Internal Server Error' when patching node tags Issue#326
  • papermerge-cli import option --delete without any function Issue#592

The documentation for authentication part is here.

3.0.3 Release

Release 3.0.3 is a minor release which contains mostly bug fixes:


  • Logging out doesn't bring up log in dialogue Issue#574
  • Ship spa, ita, fra, ron and por OCR languages data in docker image Issue#586
  • Fix throws an error Issue#314
  • Empty Folder on Second Page Issue#584
  • Include Dutch language OCR data in default docker image
  • Add Gujrati, Hindi and Sanskrit language codes Issue#583


  • [UI] Context Missing "Extract Pages" entry Issue#564

3.0.2 Release

Release 3.0.2 is a minor release which contains only bug fixes:

  • Fix create_user to work with MySql/MariaDB/sqlite3 Issue#579
  • Fix Error / Internal Server Error Issue#581
  • Fix Error thrown after successful login Issue#307
  • Fix wrong download URL for document version in viewer
  • Fix nodes pagination (num_pages int rounded up instead of down)

Papermerge 3.0.1 Release

I am happy to announce the release of version 3.0.1.

Among other things, this release fixes major issue related to DB connections. Let me provide short description of the problem. The access to specific REST API endpoints was leaving DB connection open. The problem is that open DB connection were accumulating up to the point (which depends on specific DB configuration) when DB was refusing to accept more DB connections, which resulted of course to the whole app going offline.

The root course of the problem is Django ORM and the way it handles DB connections. To mitigate the issue, we've decided start moving away from Django ORM to SQLAlchemy. Of course full transition to new ORM will span many releases, but the main point here is that for end users this transition is fully opaque.