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OIDC Support is Here

Release 3.2 is out!

It adds support for three important:

  1. authorization via granular permissions
  2. oidc authentication
  3. remote user authentication

Authorization via Granular Permissions

Now each user can be assigned a set of permissions (direct or via Groups). This is a way of limiting scopes of actions user can perform. For example you may not want any user to be able to manage groups or view all Papermerge accounts.

OIDC Authentication

OIDC is abbreviation for Auth2.0/OpenID Connect. In previous release we've added support for two specific OIDC provider GitHub and Google. In this release we've came with generalized approach - now you can use any OIDC provider. We've tests OIDC support with Keycloak and Authentik.

Remote User Authentication

We've added yet another way of external authenticating via so called "Remote User" header. Remote user authentication was tested with Authelia.